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How FOMO and Hindsight Kill Profits and Expectations – Chris Vermeulen

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Get ready for a stellar interview as Chris Vermeulen gets down to business with David Lin on his new channel, The David Lin Report!

Key Topics Covered:

  1. Is the recent 1% decline of the Nasdaq an indication of a deeper market correction to come? Or is this downside slip simply a pause on the way to higher prices? In terms of trend analysis, will the overall upward momentum stall out?
  2. What does the Put/Call Ration have to do with the markets being overbought or oversold? What does an increase in volume mean for the markets? Is FOMO finally kicking in after a slow start to the year? How can sugar-coating data lead to investors being in the wrong place at the wrong time?
  3. Are investors wrong in thinking there was a bear market last fall? What is the difference between the Euphoria and Complacency phases of the market? How long can the roller coaster between the two last? Is following price the key to getting off the wild emotional ride?
  4. Have there been any surprises from the market lows of last year to now? Are the recent rallies part of a larger cycle? What is the reality of trading and investing in the stock market? What are the dangers of looking at brief windows of time and comparing them to strategy results?
  5. Is holding cash a good position to be in if it means you are missing tops and bottoms? What is the danger of trading the downside while in a bull market? What does looking at the charts in hindsight and thinking, ‘we should have caught that move,’ indicate about you as an investor?
  6. Should positions be adjusted in preparation for Fed announcements? Why or why not? Is there an inflection point that we are looking for in the S&P 500?
  7. How do psychology and emotions work against investors when missing out on moves? And why is it so much more painful to miss a $10K trade than it is to lose $10 of capital on a risky trade?
  8. What is Asset Revesting, and how can it help open the eyes and minds of investors and traders?

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