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Should you hedge your investments in case the US defaults on its debt? – Chris Vermeulen

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Get ready for a stellar interview as Chris Vermeulen gets down to business with David Lin on his new channel, The David Lin Report!

Six Key Topics Covered:

  1. What is the stock market waiting for before finally picking a direction? Will the consolidation move to the upside? What is a short squeeze? Do news-based events, such as the possibility of a US Debt Default, factor into your trades? Will a black swan event happen?
  2. Is there a way to hedge against a potential US Debt default, and is this a viable plan? How should investors work to protect their capital? Is cash a good position to take during market volatility?
  3. At what point in Chris’ career did he settle on the style of trading he believes in and practices now? What other strategies or trading styles did he try, and what happened? When risk management is the main priority (protecting capital), and the stock market outperforms, will Chris change his strategy?
  4. What is the price chart of bonds indicating may happen? Is it possible that they can break down as fast as they recently climbed? If people are moving out of traditional safe havens like bonds, where are they investing?
  5. The disconnect between gold and gold miners persists. Why is this? Will it take a financial reset to align precious metals and miners again?
  6. Do you share personal anecdotes do you share in your newly published books Asset Revesting or the Second Edition of Technical Trading Mastery? And what is Asset Revesting?

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