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Dan River Falls…a close look inside the top floor!

After only a few months of remarkable renovation, much of the fourth floor of the former Dan River White Mill must be described as stunning. After each inch was carefully scraped and re-scraped, painted and encapsulated, new concrete floors were poured, polished, and sealed.

Above the center aisle of the fourth floor, the clerestory has also been properly restored. Once old windows were removed, all sills and window openings were repaired and rebuilt to accommodate 174historical replica clerestory windows. All will be installed before the original roof is replaced with a new, technically advanced roof.

On the fourth floor, new concrete shows outlines in red tape marks for the location of apartments to be built on the floor’s South side. Already framing has begun for more than four of the 150 apartments to be constructed in the entire building. Those fourth-floor apartments, in addition to having stunning views, will also have lofts that feature appearance-grade pine floors.

In addition to apartments on the north and south sides of the building, each floor will have storage locker for each apartment in the center aisle. Preparations are being made for two new elevators, refuse chutes, and trash compactors for the convenience of the residents.

It’s easy to imagine a lifestyle at Dan River Falls where visiting a coffee shop on the first floor in the morning might become a regular habit.

From the outside of the Falls building on Memorial Drive, it’s easy to spot the framing of the new apartments through the window openings on the South side. To the east of the building and connecting with the City’s Riverside Park project, the old parking lot has been removed. Its surface will be restored and compacted and covered in asphalt with modern curbs and gutters, sidewalks, exterior lighting, and other amenities.

Although outdoor parking will be more than sufficient for the Falls, secure indoor parking spaces in the basement will be available for a monthly fee.

Majestic in appearance, the fourth floor seems to be an attractive world of it own. Each apartment is uniquely elegant; palatial windows provide remarkable views both day and night.

And this is just the beginning!

Coming soon…the third floor!