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City of Danville seeks proposals for Monument-Berryman area

The housing division of the City of Danville’s Community Development Department is accepting proposals to develop residential properties in the Monument Street and Berryman Avenue area.

The project area consists of 110 controlled parcels, large and small, with groupings up to 2.36 acres (largest). The total acreage is around 17 acres. A request for proposals has been issued. Proposals are due by 2 p.m. on Feb. 17.

“The Monument-Berryman area has a lot of potential to create an anchor community within the city,” said Susan McCulloch, division director for housing & development in the Community Development Department. “The area is adjacent to the River District and the Old West End. There are a lot of walkable opportunities because it is so close to downtown.”

The proposals may include taller multifamily and mixed-use units, as well as single-family infill development.

“Many of the buildings have been demolished. They were mostly bungalows for surrounding industry.” McCulloch said. “Now, it is time to think of something different.”

The Monument-Berryman Redevelopment Area is between Monument Street on the east, Berryman Avenue on the west, Colquhoun Street on the north, and industrial properties/Norfolk Southern right-of-way on the south.

McCulloch noted that Monument Street is a prominent entryway into the city.

“Parcels adjacent to the street can really showcase the neighborhood with infill,” she said.

The master plan for the project was completed in 2014. The City is partnering with the Danville Redevelopment and Housing Authority, which holds ownership of the properties.

Redevelopment of the Monument Street and Berryman Avenue area is part of the City’s effort to address the current housing challenge. A housing market analysis last year identified a need for a variety of housing options within the city limits, based on current and expected future demand.

“We are looking at the needs of our current residents and future residents,” McCulloch said.

Those needs include rental housing and homeownership for first-time buyers and citizens ready to move into a bigger or newer house.

Tours for developers and building associations with an interest in submitting proposals have been conducted. “We are excited to see the ideas developers propose for the redevelopment area,” she said.

Those interested in the Monument-Berryman redevelopment area are encouraged to contact McCulloch at mcculse@danvilleva.gov or (434) 799-5260, ext. 3236.