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Charter Spectrum Sets Timeline for Broadband Internet Initiative In Rockingham County, North Carolina

The communications company expects full connectivity in Rockingham County by 2024.

Wentworth, NC ( February 8, 2023) –  A Charter Spectrum representative presented an update on the Broadband Internet Initiative with the expectations of complete connectivity throughout county borders by January 2024.

   As of February 2023, at least 4,300 homes and businesses will be positively impacted by this initiative, 1,000 more connections than originally thought when this program began in 2018. Those homes and businesses will have access to top tier fiber internet services.

   Charter Spectrum is working through a four-phase plan and are currently in phase three. The first phase, the ‘Walkout’, identifies addresses and locations throughout the county originally missed when data was first gathered. The ‘Permitting and Access’ phase allows Charter Spectrum the use of power poles and lines within the county. The ‘Make-Ready’ and ‘Construction’ phases ensures those power poles are sturdy enough to withstand the natural elements and can physically support the fiber lines allowing for connectivity.

   During the February 6th, 2023 Board of Commissioners meeting Senior Manager of Government Affairs, Justin DeLancey explained these phases to the Board. Currently, Spectrum crews have already connected at least 36 miles of cable fiber marking the project in the ‘Make-Ready and ‘Construction’ phase.

   “We’ve got six crews working everyday in the county,” DeLancey said. “We feel very confident we will hit that January due date. We feel like we are in a good place right now.” DeLancey further explained the crews have started work on the northeastern side of the county and plan to circle around through the county as they gain access to powerlines.

   “I am impressed by the speed in which Spectrum has worked and I expect more frequent updates as this project gains momentum.” County Manager, Lance Metzler stated. ‘I’d like to again thank Reidsville Area Foundation, Rockingham Community College and Rockingham County Schools for partnering with us.”

   Rockingham County has a webpage designated for the Broadband Internet Initiative. Residents can stay up-to-date by visiting rockinghamcountync.gov/broadband  or
call 336-394-0062.