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Darrell Dalton Becomes Chairman Of The Pittsylvania County Board Of Supervisors And Tim Dudley Vice-Chairman At Reorganization Meeting – Mike Swanson

At the 2023 reorganization meeting for the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors today, Darrell Dalton was voted by all of the Supervisors to become the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. Tim Dudley was also voted to become the Vice-Chairman. Last year both men were on opposite voting blocs on the board and at times there was a lot of acrimony on the part of both sides to each other, although one should not discount that a lot was accomplished with Vic Ingram as Chairman of the Board last year, despite occasional smear attacks from some members of the other side that he was on, and their family members, at meetings and on social media.

At this reorgnization meeting, this vote was discussed before hand as a way for both sides to show unity and come together as a board for the good of the county. Dudley started on this theme, before the votes were cast, and then, as Supervisor Robert Tucker put it, the vote was taken to show that a “united front” for the rest of the county and “a compromise” could be made, something that many people have wanted for months. After Tucker spoke, Supervisor Robert Warren said he was going to vote for Dalton, but pledged to “hold him accountable,” while extending “an olive branch,” “with reservations,” as Dalton was not a member of the minority voting bloc he led last year.

The county board of supervisors began with a 4-3 voting bloc last year, that became 3-3, in September, when Supervisor Jesse Barksdale resigned. This created a deadlock on the board, and some chaos, until he was then replaced by Robert Tucker, as an interim supervisor for that seat, which will be up for election next year, along with three others. Tucker has been trying to bring both sides together. He said that was his goal when he was sworn in and it was said he had discussions with some of the other supervisors earlier today about this at the reorganization meeting. Dudley being as part of one voting bloc last year and Dalton the other, shows a move in this direction, that probably would not have happened without Mr. Tucker’s efforts.

The video was streamed live on Facebook.

This is breaking news, having happened less than 50 minutes ago…..


UPDATE 01/04/2023:

Official Pittsylvania County Government Press Release:

Board Appoints Dalton Chairman, Dudley Vice-Chairman

Post Date:01/04/2023 11:35 AM

The Board of Supervisors unanimously appointed Darrell Dalton, Callands-Gretna District Supervisor, as Chairman of the Board during Tuesday’s annual reorganizational meeting. Having been on the Board since 2022, Dalton served on numerous committees and regional commissions last year, even leading the County’s Finance Committee. 

Two men in suits standing in front of Pittsylvania County logo

“It is an honor and big responsibility to serve as the chairman,” Dalton said. “I am committed to working together with my colleagues and moving forward for the betterment of the residents and businesses of Pittsylvania County, not just in my district or any one area. I look forward to serving the entire County as Chairman.”

The Board also appointed Tim Dudley, Staunton River District Supervisor, as Vice-Chairman. Dudley has been on the Board of Supervisors since 2020. 

“We have a lot of critical challenges and opportunities facing us this year, and I’m excited to face them head on as a unified Board,” said Vice-Chairman Dudley. “It’s about the County as a whole, not any one supervisor or any one district.”

The Board of Supervisors appoints a Chairman and Vice-Chairman every year during its reorganizational meeting in early January. 

The Board also approved its bylaws with no changes and the 2023 meeting schedule. The Board will meet on the third Tuesday of every month, with a Business Meeting at 7 p.m. and a Work Session at a time deemed appropriate by the Board Chairman and County Administrative staff. 

Dalton also assigned Board members to various committees and regional boards and commissions. View a full list of all committee assignments.


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