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My last message until the New Year! – Barry Koplen

Although a gray sky filled with rain has dampened New Year’s Eve, the promise and the spirit of the season brings to mind Jose Feliciano’s Feliz Navidad, a simple, endearing song with a warm greeting, prospero ano y felicidad, a lyric that wishes for all to have a merry Christmas and a happy and a prosperous (new) year.

Just thinking about that song by the Puerto Rican, Feliciano, reminds me of the good and hopeful-feelings the season can generate.

Unless it doesn’t.

Daily, Americans are reminded of the thousands of homeless refugees without shelter and food who are allowed into our country by a President who believes there is no migrant crisis due to his reckless open-border policy.

While our well-fed President and his entourage enjoy sunny St. Croix, the illegal aliens he encourages to come to our country sleep on sidewalks and beg for food. Some of the desperate illegals break into stores and homes.

From his perch in St. Croix, I wonder whether Biden is singing Feliz Navidad with meaning. If so, I must ask who he is singing it to.

New Year’s Eve, 2022

To my readers: I wish you all Feliz Navidad !