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Ruffin Fire Department Set to Receive $1.3 Million for New Sub-Station In Rockingham County, North Carolina

Wentworth, NC (November 10, 2022)  –  North Carolina State Fire Marshal and Commissioner of Insurance, Mike Causey, in partnership with NC House Representative Reece Pyrtle presented the Ruffin Fire Department with a check for the building of a new sub-station. In total, the fire department will receive $1.3 million for capital improvements to better protect the Ruffin community. Ruffin Fire Department leadership received the first installment on November 4, 2022. 

Ruffin Fire Check   According to Fire Chief Eric Minter, a sub-station for the Ruffin Fire Department has been a dream of his for nearly 20 years. Ruffin is nestled in the northeastern part of Rockingham County with a long history of farming. This area also is one of the more rural communities in the county. A sub-station would widen the range of coverage and allow the Ruffin Fire Department access to more resources to better help and protect its resident.

   “When you can help public safety departments in a quest to serve the people of Rockingham County and enhance the services they provide, it’s a great opportunity.” NC House District 65 Representative, Reece Pyrtle said at the check presentation, “These folks do a great job of protecting their community. It’s been a privilege to help.”

 Assistant Chief Jonathan Compton explained being in the right place at the right time when he mentioned the need to Representative Pyrtle. From there, the District Representative reached out to his colleagues in the Legislature and Office of State Fire Marshals to help the Ruffin Fire Department.

   “It’s the first time in the history of North Carolina that we’ve had this size of a contribution go to any fire department.” State Fire Marshal Mike Causey said, “No more has ever been done than in this last legislative session in helping fire departments in need across our state.”

   Fire Marshal Causey and Representative Prytle presented the first check valued at just over $433,000. The remaining balance will be given to the fire department in stages. At present, the sub-station is slated to be built near HWY 700. Rockingham County Government will work in partnership with the fire department to keep the public informed on the progress of this substation.