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Watch: Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors Meet, Fail To Agree On Bannister Interim Position – Mike Swanson

Today at 5:00 PM the Pittsyvlania County Board Of Supervisors met for a called meeting to discuss the applicants for the interim Bannister seat. They had a discussion before going into a closed session to hear from the different applicants, after which they failed to agree on any candidate, thereby passing the decision on to the circuit court judge, who is expected to rule by Thursday.

Watch this video to see the supervisors in action. Some tough words were exchanged, and a promise and hope of a new day to turn the page was made. However, Bob Warren also tried to diminish the Bannister citizens who spoke at last week’s meeting, in a bullying tirade, claiming that there were only seven of them and thereby could not represent the nine thousand people that live in that district. By that logic why should any individual citizen ever speak at a meeting? Why should anyone write letters to the editor or speak in public at all as no one person can claim to represent everyone? He also claimed that they didn’t show up in September, implying no one cared then, but none of the Bannister interim applications were even processed back in September, much less announced, until October! In fact, at that September meeting the Supervisors were voting on how things would be handled so no one could have even put in an application at that time!

This meeting was on September 20 and you can see the agenda for yourself here. The vote the board made on how to handle the Bannister seat is in section 12 of this document for this meeting, after the “hearing of the citizens” public comment period.

It was only after this meeting that the public got engaged, and really not until the applicants were announced. They couldn’t predict the future beforehand!

Tim Chesher spoke up for a call for sanity that everyone wants.

Anyway, watch the video for yourself, and you can see what people thought on Facebook too.

Over 2,500 have already watched this video so far, showing that the notion that people are not engaged or do not care about what is happening with this Bannister seat is nonsense. There may have been a time in which most people were not paying attention, and perhaps Warren is used to that, but that time passed by well over a year and a half ago.