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What It Will Take To Get Me Excited About Mining Stocks Now With Stock Market Rally Exhaustion? – Mike Swanson

The stock market took a hit Monday as AMC blew up and crashed almost 39%. Meme stocks are in collapse and now the stock market rally appears to be exhausted. All the market averages did is is rally back up into their 200-day moving averages, which act as long-term resistance points in a bear market. It’s time to be cautious in a market like this.

In the first quarter, though, when the market dumped, gold and mining stocks went up. They then surged after the war in Ukraine began for eight weeks and have been fading ever since. When will the excitement in them return?

In this video I talk about what it will take to get me bullish on the gold and silver price and the mining stocks.

I mention the Two Fold Formula trading pattern that is my favorite at the end of this video.

You can find it my precious video on it here.