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Rockingham County Partners with RCC to Host EMS Academy

ockingham County, in an effort to recruit and retain Emergency Medical Service personnel, is partnering with Rockingham Community College and hosting an EMS Academy this fall.

Wentworth, NC (August 18, 2022) –  Rockingham County Government is partnering with Rockingham Community College in an effort to recruit and retain Emergency Medical Service personnel. Through this partnership, the two organizations have created a new program, an EMS Academy, where trainees will be paid while earning their EMT-Basic credential.

   The EMS Academy has been put in place as an effort to combat an employee shortage that is felt County, State and the Nationwide. The Academy will provide training for new Emergency Medical Technicians. Below are the requirements and operations of the program:  

  • Apply through the County which includes an interview process and RCC acceptance testing. 
  • Those accepted into the Academy will be listed as an EMT Trainee and will be a full-time employee with Rockingham County while attending the Academy.
  • Trainees will be paid the salary of 5% percent below the minimum of an EMT- Basic. 
  • Trainees must attend and participate in all aspects of the training curriculum and successfully pass all examinations required of the course and State guidelines.
  • Trainees who successfully complete the Academy, are credentialed as an EMT-Basic, are selected as full-time (Non-Trainee) members of Rockingham County EMS and continue their education in the EMS curriculum (EMT-A and EMT-P) for a two-year period from the date of their EMT-Basic credential, will be fully reimbursed for any out-of-pocket educational expenses incurred, not to exceed $3,500.00 per fiscal year.

   Rockingham County hopes the Academy will attract those who are interested in the Emergency Service field. The purpose is to give people a chance to earn their credentials without a major disruption in their financial responsibilities. “We have heard numerous times there are people who dream of a career in EMS but cannot afford to attend the classes.” Rodney Cates, Director of County Emergency Services explained.

    “The EMS Academy will give people an avenue to pursue their dreams,” County Manager Lance Metzler said, “They will be paid to work and go to school right here in Rockingham County while achieving a dream.”

   Following the EMS Academy, County Officials have plans to introduce phase two and three which will allow the Trainee to continue their education (EMT-A, EMT-P). For more information about this position, please visit our County Job Listings. To apply for this position within Rockingham County Government, please fill out an application online.