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Here Is The Most Expensive Home For Sale Now In Danville, Virginia (Interesting Real Estate Listing) – Mike Swanson

Here is the most expensive home for sale now in Danville, Virginia. But when you look at how big it is and the price it doesn’t seem that expensive compared with other homes I have looked at recently. There is a casino being built in Danville, Virginia set to open in 2024, which will probably help drive real estate values there even higher. Although I didn’t notice it in the pictures, there is an elevator in the home that goes to the main upstairs bedroom. From the listing notes, “George Buchanan remodeled this house top to bottom with beautiful cabinetry, new flooring, roof, windows, pool and landscaping. The basement bedroom is used as a dressing room with a full bath. One of the upstairs bedrooms is being used as a reading room. The main level bedroom is now used as an office. There is an elevator in the Primary bedroom. “

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