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Airport delays — who’s to blame? – Source – Global News

Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, Canada’s busiest airport, is still facing cancellations and delays galore despite slight improvement over the past few weeks. The regulator, which is short-staffed and dealing with a massive backlog of complaints, has yet to hand out a single fine to carriers under the Air Passenger Protection Regulations in the latest round of travel chaos. Brett Chang, co-host of the Peak Daily podcast, says that there is a pattern of consumers not being compensated appropriately for when businesses fail, and that it is up to the regulators to step up and make sure that changes. Across the pond, Heathrow Airport in London is reporting successes of its passenger cap, limiting the number of departing passengers from U.K.’s busiest airport to 100,000 per day. As Anne Gaviola asks, are airlines short-staffed, or simply overbooked?