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Is The Gold Price A Bottom Buy At $1700 Now (What My Most Reliable Indicator Says) – Mike Swanson

I have been investing in and trading gold and mining stocks now for twenty years. Gold and the GDX gold stock ETF surged in the first quarter of this year while the stock market fell, but now both have been pulling back down, along with everything else. What is happening?

The move has surprised me and we have to think through the implications of this, but is this pullback in the gold and silver price over? Let’s first take a look at the GDX/GLD relative strength ratio to see.

Note I took a little break from doing Youtube videos for a few weeks.

Last week, I went and bought a course by a popular Youtuber to get some ideas on how to get some better results.

One of the things they said is to not be afraid and spread out and talk about more than one topic in order to get a broader audience.

My videos only appeal to a very small number of contrarians in the markets when we are in a bear market like this so I am going to try to do that a little bit over the next few weeks and see how it works. In fact, I have done videos on other topics over the years and always uploaded them on another Youtube channel I have, so for now on I will just put all of my videos on this one channel.