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Elvis? The movie? – Barry Koplen

Did I really want to see this movie? After all, I’d lived through the Elvis years, the rise and eventual fall of his stardom that ended in what seemed to be profound sadness.

After visiting his ‘dream’ home in Memphis, TN, I wondered why it seemed more like a shabby imitation of luxury than luxury itself. It didn’t enhance my view of Elvis or his fame. Instead, his mansion and its columns were ordinary.

And it needed a paint job.

Nonetheless, in our town with its one multiplex movie theater, Elvis was the only film I hadn’t seen. Having had an emotionally trying day, I decided that the Elvis movie would serve as a useful and calming distraction.

I found my seat just as the movie began.

Almost immediately, I realized I was watching actors so skilled in their profession that I was rivetted to their performances and unconcerned with the title character. Elvis was a ‘people’ movie and the two main people in the movie held my attention.


Both the singer and his manager, their interaction, fascinated me. When combined with the fast paced and choppy scene changes, the movie took me on a ride of rousing adulation to its eventual nadir of despair.

Late in the movie, I felt apprehensive; I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t cry while watching Elvis.

But there it was, a heartbreaking tragedy and my one wet Kleenex.

Would I suggest that you see it? Indeed, yes!

Elvis is a movie that, and I never thought I’d say this, I’m proud was made in America.

I hope you’ll let me know whether you agree.

B.Koplen     6/29/22