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Follow My Trades With My Model Public Portfolio In This Stock Market (Getting Started Video 1) – Mike Swanson

I decided to try something new to help us navigate what has become a tough market environment this year. The time when people could treat stocks as “stonks” is now over. To win in this market you need to really put risk control and how you are allocated in regards to your funds and investments at the forefront. No one talks about that, but I want to talk about that with you and keep a track record of my performance. So, I am going to try that with a Model Public Portfolio. I show this and talk about it in this video.

I set one up with the website TipRanks and to get started just put about 35% of it in a short-term bond ETF that doesn’t move much and the rest allocated 50/50 long and short, just to get started in what is actually a difficult moment, at the start of May 2022, I believe to do much of anything.

You can find it here:


Here is the Paul Tudor Jones story mentioned: