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The Critical Market Charts And Indicators You Need To See (With Matt Frailey of BreakPointTrades) – Mike Swanson

There is going to be a lot of fear today. There is nothing more exciting for TV than rumors of wars and wars, but when it comes to the markets you MUST stick with the trends and charts. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the headlines when it comes to making investment decisions. Yesterday I did a key post going over two markets making pivot points that only come around once a ever ten years or so. If you miss it you can find it here. This is a rare moment when those that attention to what is important win, but few will do that today as they will be caught up in the news headlines.

We have been seeing a lot market volatility this year and large intraday swings up and down along with some intense news headlines in the financial markets, but it pays to step back and look at the key market charts and indicators that signal important trend changes that have long-term implications. I did that with special guest Matt Frailey of breakpointtrades.com in this video. Pay close attention to the one showing the relative strength of commodities versus the S&P 500.