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Doomberg: All Crises Lead to the Great Reset – Source – Palisade Radio

Tom welcomes the little green chicken otherwise known as Doomberg. They are an anonymous publishing firm that posts on substack.

Doomberg comes from the basis of significant industrial experience. They have a unique understanding of just-in-time supply chains. It’s fairly easy for them to understand what is occurring in the global logistics systems. They take pride in their ability to explain complex topics. He discusses potential problems with line five which is a key pipeline and major source of energy for the United States. Green energy is having a serious impact on oil markets. He notes that many politicians don’t understand the important difference between baseload energy and other more limited forms of energy. There is a catastrophic failure of leadership around energy in Europe and we’re just beginning to see the problems. They are questioning the availability of oil supplies and the long-term risks of shale oil. We’re seeing a decapitalization of prior investments in shale wells. In addition, OPEC may be overstating its ability to produce. The emerging economies are going to need ever-increasing amounts of energy. There is no way we can decarbonize the global economy without massive human starvation if we don’t rely more on nuclear. Social media could magnify the speed of communication around supply and inflation problems. This could have serious consequences for the economy and markets should we see panic. Doomberg often discusses the impacts of high natural gas prices on fertilizer production and prices. We are looking at much higher food prices as a result of gas shortages. China, Russia, and India are stockpiling gold along with other commodities. They are believed to be underreporting their stockpiles of gold. Any price suppression in the West is only benefitting these countries that continue to buy. Lastly, he discusses some of the speculative risks around cryptocurrencies.