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Now Is The Time To Check Out The McLaurin Farms Country Christmas In Greensboro, North Carolina

McLaurin Farms describes itself like this, “At McLaurin Farms, we believe in the experience a real farm atmosphere adds to your life. It takes you back to a simpler time. We’ve created (and continue to create) family experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. Kids get to be kids in a safe environment, and families get opportunities to take priceless photos like we all used to do around holidays and yearly gatherings. Unbounded play and exploration is something we miss when we live in urban areas, so our goal at McLaurin Farms is to take you back to a relaxed pace, a happy time, a few hours where you can leave the noise of life behind you and just be a family.” This month on select days they are running a special Christmas Festival. Last week the Youtube Channel “Just Out/n About” went to visit and filmed an episode.

You can find more info on this event by going to the McLaurin Farms website.

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