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When It Comes To Pittsylvania County Redistricting Momentum Is Going To Plan A – Mike Swanson

Every ten years all of the counties in Virginia are required to go through redistricting for their voting districts if there is enough population change taking place between the districts. That has been the case for Pittsylvania County and a few weeks ago the outgoing Board of Supervisors presented three redistricting plans to the public, drawn up by a consulting company that they hired. Plans B and C have come under criticism and I was one of the critics of them as I wrote a post showing how they drastically alter the Banister district. I was hardly the only person who looked at the plans and came away critical of them. On Facebook I saw the Mayor of Chatham express displeasure over what Plan B would do to it and Plan C’s impact on the town is even bigger and at last week’s meeting a representative for the county NAACP also made arguments against Plans B and C in detail.

It seems to me that public momentum is flowing into Plan A. At last week’s public Board of Supervisors Business Meeting Supervisor Dr. Charles Miller threw his own support behind A and made comments to the effect that everyone he has talked to wants plan A. You can see his remarks at the 1:01 mark on this video of the meeting.

This is a strong endorsement by one of the key members of the current Board of Supervisors for Plan A. Plan A makes the least amount of change. Often it is best to be conservative when it comes to changing things like this and Plan A is the most conservative plan out of the three of them.