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Run Tonight: In Pursuit Running & Fleet Feet Greensboro Thursdays Event – Mike Swanson

Tonight at 6:00 PM EST In Pursuit Running is going to hold a special event for all who want to run to meet up and run!

Who: for anyone and everyone, beginners to advanced runners alike, that want to meet new training partners, run with familiar ones, and/or have the support of Coach Jen

What: choose to run easy miles (written cue sheets will be provided for distances of 2-10 miles), your own workout (written cue sheets will be provided for quarter, half, one, and two-mile intervals), or a Coach Jen planned group workout

When: beginning Thursday, September 2nd 2021 @6pm and continuing every Thursday between the April and October months

Where: Fleet Feet Greensboro, 3731 Lawndale Drive, except for the LAST THURSDAY of every month (September 30th & October 28th for 2021), which will be in conjunction with the Southend Brewing Run Club at 117B W. Lewis Street.

Why: Community! Camaraderie! Motivation! Accountability! Take the thinking out of your run, and let IPR do that for you for free once a week. Freeze pops will be provided post-run.

How: Arrive at 6pm for any announcements. Parking is available in the Fleet Feet parking lot and on the sides of the surrounding streets. They ask that you keep on the roads and off residents’ lawns. Overflow parking is at the Spencer Love parking lot about a half mile away. You may also keep your belongings safe in the back room of Fleet Feet while running. Be ready to take off running at 6:10!

You can invite others through this Facebook link.

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