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Scandalous D.C. Grifting from Roger Stone to Michael Avenatti w/ Ken Silverstein – Source – Parallax Views

On this edition of Parallax Views, the mighty Ken Silverstein, chief journalist and editor at Washington Babylon, the website devoted to “Shocking True Stories and Political Sleaze” in stately Capitol Hill, returns to expose a gaggle of grifters in the political arena. We begin by discussing the perennial GOP dirty trickster himself Roger Stone, the man with a tacky Richard Nixon tattoo on his back, and how Trump loyalists like him manipulated the rabble when it came to the events ion January 6th now known as the Capitol breach. But don’t worry, we’re not all about Trump on this show. We’re equal opportunity! Which means we’ll also be taking aim at former Stormy Daniels lawyer turned #Resistance grifter bilking money out of liberal Democrats Michael Avenatti, who, by the way, is now facing two years in prison with additional charges pending.

That’s not all though! J.G. finally goes on a rant against the wacky Louise Mensch, who threatened to sick the feds and the LAPD on Barrett Brown and yours truly for reasons that make about as much sense as your average Mensch tweet. And I take no pleasure in reporting that.

And, near the end of the show we have a little chat about the passing of Donald Rumsfeld. All that and more on this SCANDALOUS edition of Parallax Views! Beware the grifters, kiddies!