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Ochelli Effect: War Machines Make Terror – Mike Swanson

On Tuesday I was live on The Ochelli Effect. From Chuck Ochelli’s show notes:

“Mike Swanson returned to the show after taking a week off to play in a poker tournament. What does Mike think of the evacuation of Kabul?”

“Are there lessons and tragic outcomes of the past that apply to the current disaster? Is Biden the guy we need to blame? Do Freedom screamers only understand they are free to be dumb?”

“JP Sottile goes through the current situation in Afghanistan with Chuck and takes a shot at getting the context correct. What will come next in the War on alleged Terror? Did we fight them over there so we had more time to fight each other here? Has the war machine lost a testicle?”

“Which resources are at stake? Is there only a strategic advantage in the grand scheme of the multiple conflicts yet to come? Did the Taliban face any resistance as it swept the country and regained power in a matter of weeks? Will this crisis be useful to the military-industrial complex?”

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