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How Do You Navigate A Churning Gold And Now Stock Market Trend? – Mike Swanson (08/19/2021)

A financial market can have one of three trends to it – up, down, or sideways. If you look at gold it really has been in a sideways trend since last August. The stock market appears to be headed for something similar as we are already seeing the internals of the stock market droop, as I pointed out yesterday in a post, and many fad stocks inside the ARK ETF and the top 100 Robinhood list go into nosedives.

How do you navigate a sideways market when it can become so easy to churn your money over in it. One thing to do is to trade less actually, because churning markets are actually more difficult to make money in. Buying momentum highs, which works in strong uptrending markets, no longer works as well in sideways markets.

I use a money management strategy that helps me deal with sideways trending markets and start to talk about it in this video.

BTW – many people have been attaching themselves to Cathie Wood and doing interviews with her to try to cater to the Robinhood crowd and newbie. Read this twitter thread.