Home Economic Trends “Long Rates Breaking Down? Wait, What?” – Source – Marketviews.tv (06/15/2021)

“Long Rates Breaking Down? Wait, What?” – Source – Marketviews.tv (06/15/2021)

Interview with Mr. Mark Arbeter @MarkArbeter CMT/President, Arbeter Investments LLC with Ike Iossif of marketviews.tv.

Mr. Arbeter discusses the recent action in the SP, IWM, 10 Year T-Bond Yield, Oil, as well as, investors’ sentiment as manifested in CBOE Equity-Only Put/Call Ratio. If the 10-year breaks support at 1.47%, yields could see a measured move down to the 1.2% region. Trendline support off the lows since late September broke last week, potentially opening the door for more downside. A 38.2% retracement of the move since the August low comes in at 1.28%, while a 50% give back lies at 1.13%. The rising 200-day moving average comes in at 1.16%. Chart support sits down in the 1% to 1.2% zone. Checking in on the weekly chart, it’s possible that the 10-year is tracing out a very large cup-with-handle formation. To complete this pattern, the handle has to get bigger and yields would have to break above the recent high at 1.76%. That would open the door to many higher yield projections, but we will cross that bridge when it happens.