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Look For This Silver Stock To Rally In June With Another Silver Run – Mike Swanson (05/31/2021)

The stock market is closed in the United States today, but stocks will still be trading on exchanges elsewhere all of the world and many of them will likely be going up. While most Americans continue to be either be entranced by the popular 100 stocks on Robinhood, many of which are trading below their 200-day moving averages to give them broken charts, or desperately praying for a new Elon Musk tweet to drive crypto collectible coins higher, big money investors are doing well in markets all over the world and in commodities.

Most of the markets in Europe made new all-time highs last week and are beating the performance of the S&P 500. That’s happening, because the US dollar index is going down. This has helped to drive a nice rally in gold, silver, and mining stocks in the past few weeks. Silver went through a consolidation pause last week, as you can see from this chart.

The price of silver currently has support at $27, making this a simple and safe entry point for it. Look for big cap silver mining stocks to go up even more in July on the next silver rally. HL for instance surged at the start of May and is currently consolidating right at $9.00.

On May 4, I did a post on HL before it rallied above $6.50 calling it a top stock to watch in May, while also warning people to get out of Bitcoin before it crashed through $50,000. Anyone who moved money out of crypto and into silver and HL is now hitting it big, instead of being stuck in a HODL/LOSR situation.

Yes, I will keep saying negative things about crypto coin collectibles in the hopes a few will listen, because everywhere else people won’t tell them the truth – that they need to get out of these junk “investments” and into real things. There are several top sectors now beating the markets, in a good position to keep doing so for the rest of the year.

Why own dead money collectible coins, when you can buy stocks paying good dividends in an uptrend?

Now Bitcoin is near $30,000 and HL is close to busting through $9.00 to make another leg higher!

And yet on Robinhood there is still not a single mining stock or metals ETF on the top 100 most owned list. If you want to get into something before the masses do the metals and mining sector is the place to do it.

At the same time, this has been a great month for my small cap stock pick of the month, which looks like it is going to go up again!

I did an update on this stock on Thursday last week in a post you can find here.

Tomorrow I will have a new stock pick for June, and it is one that I have been waiting for ten months to get into position. It’s finally happening and I think it may end up being my best one for all of 2021. Look for my post on it tomorrow morning.


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