Two Key Lessons From The The Great Stock Trader Jesse Livermore (General Stock Market Conditions) – Mike Swanson (04/22/2021)

In this video I talked about one of the greatest stock traders in history, Jesse Livermore, and the classic trading book Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, which is now over 100 years old. This book is one of the ones that had the biggest impact on me as a trader in the markets. I talk about two of the key lessons the book teaches in this video and how we must be on top of one of them today and why it is so easy to take your eye off of it. Doing this myself is the cause in fact of the big mistakes I have made in the markets a few times over the years. I talk about what I am going to do to make sure that I do not make it again and how it applies to this moment in the markets right now.

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