Home Culture and Society Howard Beale Still Screaming – Source – The Ochelli Effect (03/26/2021)

Howard Beale Still Screaming – Source – The Ochelli Effect (03/26/2021)

Albert Lanier talked about Kill The Messenger and three other films about journalism on The Ochelli Effect. Chuck thought the films Mr.Lanier talked about were good examples of the possible results when any journalist speaks truth to power.

“Is the current condition of the information business related to the momentum of the systems in the past? Are we on the Darkside of civilization? Terry Tapp got on his soapbox in the second hour. Has America become unlivable? Can rotten and broken teeth be the right metaphor for the lives of those outside the money class? Is it acceptable for children to starve in a gangster state? Do you know what it is like to be invisible? Is the race game the only thing the media will cover for now? Is America special? Are we collectively insane? We can do better,” writes Chuck Ochelli.

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