Danny Sjursen on the Biden Administration’s Afghanistan Plan – Source – Scott Horton Show (03/17/2021)

Scott Horton talks to Danny Sjursen about the leaked Biden administration plan to withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan. “The document evidently represents the Biden administration’s new take on the deal reached with the Taliban during the Trump administration, which laid out a May 1st deadline for withdrawal. But Sjursen stresses that this plan isn’t really new—in fact, there’s nothing “new” to be done or said about Afghanistan at all. The Kabul government simply doesn’t have widespread control over the country, and the Taliban are in a position of relative strength. Nothing America can do, short of utterly destroying the country, can change the facts on the ground. We should have left years ago, but the best we can do now is leave as soon as possible,” writes Horton.

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