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Book Review: The Devil Is In The Details: Alan Dale With Malcolm Blunt On The Assassination Of President Kennedy – Mike Swanson (02/17/2021)

If you ever wanted to know what is inside the JFK assassination files or what it is like to investigate them this book is for you. This is not a book for people looking for a Tweet or a sound byte with a big claim about the assassination. This book is a look into what serious real research is.

Alan Dale serves as a director of the Assassination Archives and Research Center and is a research assistant to John Newman, the author of JFK and Vietnam and a series of ongoing books on the JFK case and presidency. This has put him into contact with the researchers doing deep work on this topic.

This book consists of several interviews that Alan Dale did with Malcolm Blunt, a British based researcher, who has done among the most research and deep dives in the JFK research files. The interviews were done from 2014 to November of 2018 so they will give you some insight into how the JFK research community has evolved over these years and what the impact of the 2017 file release was. At times John Newman and Jefferson Morley join in the discussion.

Despite the boasts of some, no one has really solved the JFK assassination in terms of “who did it,” at least not yet. However, much has been learned thanks to the work people are doing with these files. By reading this book questions can be answered as to what Lee Harvey Oswald was likely doing when the “defected” to the Soviet Union. And that opens up a lot of avenues. You can get the book at Amazon by clicking here.