Home Culture and Society Watch The Trump Family Wednesday Watch Party – Mike Swanson (01/08/2021)

Watch The Trump Family Wednesday Watch Party – Mike Swanson (01/08/2021)

The Trump movement has had a serious setback this week, because Biden is now certified the election winner, and yet in one way it is stronger. Why the riots angered most Americans for the Trump family they know that they have a dedicated following now that they can use as a weapon so that if one of them were to win the White House back in 2024 they would able to take TOTAL power. That’ why while you may have been angry at the riots on TV they were celebrating even counting down before the events of the day started….

The Trump movement is not going to vanish. According to a story this morning in Politico titled Trump’s grip on GOP grassroots holds fast:

“Nearly half of Republican voters — 45 percent — approved of the storming of the Capitol, according to a YouGov poll. And while Washington devolved into chaos, tensions were flaring at state capitols from coast to coast, with precautionary building closings, evacuations and protests.”

“At least a half-dozen GOP state legislators were part of the crowd at the Capitol Wednesday.A West Virginia lawmaker, dressed in a helmet, filmed himself rushing the building with other participants in the siege. And in Arizona, Republicans were expressing such fealty to the president that they were openly discussing the possibility of forming a new party around him — despite his inability to carry the state last year, a first for a Republican presidential candidate since 1996.”

It seems that this week is the start of a civil inside the Republican Party between the Trump faction and the rest of it. The new show after Biden is sworn in will be Trump vs. Pence, McConnell and company ahead of the next election primary season.