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The Stock Market Is Ignoring DC Chaos And These Type Of Stocks Are Going To Soar In 2021 – Mike Swanson (01/08/2020)

I’m sure you’ve the images from Washington DC this Tuesday. They were bad and crazy and alarming, but they did not stock traders that day from buying more stocks as the stock market went up. The stock market doesn’t care as those events didn’t stop the sun from rising the next day. In fact the market has now gone up enough that the Robinhood company is considering selling shares of itself to Robinhood traders in an IPO.

The fact is zero rates and QE bond buying is helping the stock market like never before. It is also causing the dollar to sag, but no one cares about that yet. There is no such thing though as free money and the cost soon is going to be rising inflation and right now the best sectors to buy, in my view, are commodity related sectors. You saw mining stocks jump hard Monday and energy stocks come alive this week too.

Now materials stocks are shooting straight up. Take a look for instance at copper giant Rio Tinto that I own.

Even though I own this stock I can’t tell you to buy it here, because it has gone straight up this week and its stock price is now in an overextended position.

However, take a look at this stock that I also own.

Golden Ocean Gold Group (NASDAQ: GOGL) is a dry bulk shipping company paying a 4% dividend with a fleet of vessels all over the world. Shipping rates tend to go up when oil prices rise and when global economic trade grows. I don’t expect the latter to explode, but its certainly going to grow this year after what happened last year with the whole world and covid.

In case you missed it, I talked with Jordan Roy-Byrne and his outlook for the precious metals complex in 2021 in this interview.

You can get more from Jordan at www.thedailygold.com.

As I told Jordan, I believe January is a prime time to buy new small cap mining stocks, such as my top stock pick for this month. Get the details in my post here.

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