Podcast: The Stock Market And The Global Affliction Coming To America (Special Guest Ike Iossif) – Mike Swanson (03/14/2020)

I spoke with Ike Iossif of marketviews.tv to get his take on the wild action we have seen in the stock market the past few weeks. What does Ike think is going to happen next?

I wanted to also get his take on the global coronavirus affliction as Ike lives in Greece right next to Italy so he can give a bit of perspective on what is coming. It is hard to imagine the streets in the US are going to empty like Italy, but disruptions have begun this week.

I agree with Ike’s take on the market. There also is a systemic risk in the markets that exists in line with his more dire potential scenario. I will talk about that in a private Power Investor update tomorrow so members of the group can monitor it themselves to see if it can go away in the next few days or if it actually gets worse.

Ike recommended this article:

Tyler Cowen: The U.S. economy is now in uncharted waters


Also I posted this yesterday about the virus situation in the US:



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