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How Bad Will Coronavirus Get And How Quickly Will It Go Away? – Mike Swanson (03/13/2020)

This was a clip from Joe Rogan show from a doctor who has worked with the CD talking about what it looks like is going to happen in the United States in the coming weeks. The biggest risk factor in the US is older people with underlying health conditions and the obese – which is a risk factor for a large portion of the US population.

I read this article linked below in which the head of the health department for the state of Ohio estimates that 1% of the population of his state already has the disease – 100,000 people.


The US government basically hid the impact of what was coming until two weeks ago – by design in fear of spooking the markets which now longer matters or incompetence from lack of testing resources….

If I am reading the implications of the stats in this article correctly….

Every one reported case = 20,000 people in the US…

1% estimated to already have it – double every 6 days…. 6-8 weeks that turns into over 50%… then it would go back down – likely at same rate it went up…

If true most people have no idea they have it – or are even sick….and the numbers are going to begin to quickly grow until they peak 4-6 weeks from now.

However 50-60% of population getting it could overload the health care system so that is why the measures being taken….unless I am missing something in these numbers this guy is using…?

And this wave should go down at same rate it went up by July-August….