Home Stock Trading Strategies Thanksgiving Will Help Stocks Go Up! – Mike Swanson (11/25/2019)

Thanksgiving Will Help Stocks Go Up! – Mike Swanson (11/25/2019)

This week is going to be Thanksgiving week and the stock market will close early Wednesday and be closed all day on Thursday. What you may not know is that historically and statistically this is the one week out of all 52 weeks of the year that the stock market tends to go up more than any of the others.

So don’t expect any real stock market drop this week. Gold miners can go up too and I talked about what is really moving the price of gold up and down in an important video last week. It is not manipulation as some claim, but something much more real that tells us what is coming.

Now the stock market doesn’t typically go up every single day of the week during Thanksgiving week, but usually on the day before and the day after Thanksgiving.

Here are the stats laid out for you.

One reason for this is simple – a lot of traders are traveling and so there is less sellers in the market. The market can just drift up in such a situation, especially on a day in which there is half a day of trading.

Plus you are heading into the end of the year that often brings rallies. And who wants to sell before that? And who wants to sell now if they can just wait a few weeks and push their taxes next year out into the future?

There is just a spirit of fun this week. That’s why companies create consumer rushes on “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday.”

They often will put items like TV’s up for sell on a limited number to make people come in store in panic to buy them in hopes that they will buy other things.

I don’t like shopping at such times, because I do not like fighting crowds and I don’t want to make you do that.

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