Home Stock Trading Strategies Three Not So Weird Stocks For Wednesday – Mike Swanson (10/16/2019)

Three Not So Weird Stocks For Wednesday – Mike Swanson (10/16/2019)

Right now not much is happening in the stock market for the moment. Despite the drama of the past two weeks the market is almost exactly where it was a month ago and three months ago and fourteen months ago!

But there is action in individual stocks. Here are three interesting stocks for Wednesday.

AWI is a manufacturing stock now consolidating in a simple triangle pattern for a potential breakout.

STAR is a REIT stock that had been in so much trouble after 2009 that it had to drop its dividend. Now that dividend is back and so the stock came back alive this year to become a huge gainer.

It is now consolidating between $13.50 and $12.50. It is currently paying a 3.03% dividend.

MHO is a homebuilder stock also consolidating between $38.00 and $36.00 a share.

Yesterday I posted up a podcast on the site. At the beginning I talked about the Trump trade truce deal made last Friday and then did a quick interview of Scott Horton of The Libertarian Institute. To listen go here: