Home Daily News Headline Thursday Morning’s Top Stories Before The Opening Bell – Mike Swanson (09/05/2019)

Thursday Morning’s Top Stories Before The Opening Bell – Mike Swanson (09/05/2019)

20 dead in Bahamas as Hurricane Dorian, back to Category 3, threatens Carolinas – NBC

China, U.S. to Hold Trade Talks in October as Mistrust Remains – Bloomberg

Dow futures jump more than 250 points after confirmation of US-China trade talks – CNBC

U.S. trade deficit shrinks, but shortfall with China widens – Reuters

Target demands suppliers bear tariff costs – SeekingAlpha

How gold has become a hedge against a ‘weaponised’ US dollar for countries like China, Russia and others — South China Morning Post

Square, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin ‘Not Functional as a Currency’ – CoinTelegraph

‘The Big Short’s’ Burry Has Found the Next Market Bubble – MoneyAndMarkets.com

Bed Bath & Beyond to close stores, reduce inventory – Market Watch

The last Kmart in Western New York set to close – Buffalo News

Slack stock is down 12% after its first-ever earnings as a public company, in which it posted a big loss — including $8 million in credits to customers after outages – Business Insider

Royal Caribbean CEO: Cruise ships to bring tens of thousands of meals to Grand Bahama – Fox News

YouTube to spend $100M on original children’s content – TechCrunch

Boris Johnson loses another battle: Here’s why he might still win the war – Politico

US Wargames to Try Out Concepts for Fighting China, Russia – Defense One

Empire America: Why Washington Can’t Reduce Its Military Footprint – National Interest

Colbert questions Biden over gaffes: ‘Are you going nuts?” – The Hill

Vaping health risks 2019: doctors don’t know why hundreds of people are sick – Vox.com

Here’s a Science-Based Ranking of Types of Cheese, by Nutritional Value – ScienceAlert