Home Daily News Headline Monday Morning’s Top Stories Before The Opening Bell – Mike Swanson (07/22/2019)

Monday Morning’s Top Stories Before The Opening Bell – Mike Swanson (07/22/2019)

Goldman Says Stocks Likely Won’t Go Up Much Higher – Bloomberg

Investors Are Grossly Underestimating the Fed – Advisor Perspectives

Fed’s Powell, Williams: Override the Models, Cut Rates and Do it Swiftly – Yahoo Finance

Tumbling bond yields kindle investor demand for gold – Financial Times

Earnings season: Here are the 9 S&P 500 companies blaming the trade war for performance or outlook, so far – Market Watch

Silver-gold junior’s stock soars on boosted funding for Chile projects – Mining.com

Amazon bringing 2,500 jobs to Northeast Ohio with robotics centers in Akron and Rossford – Cleveland 19

Trump’s choice: Yield to China or raise trade tariffs and pave the way for Fed’s easing – CNBC

China has launched STAR Market, a new Nasdaq-style stock exchange for tech companies that could fall apart as quickly as it began – Business Insider

Every new stock surges in dream start for China’s tech board – South China Morning Post

China’s answer to the Nasdaq just had a crazy first day. Stocks gained 140% – CNN

Violence escalates between Hong Kong police and protesters – CBS News

On My Radar: Dalio’s “Paradigm Shifts” – Cmg Wealth

“Run Away!”: Tesla Drops Restraining Order Against Short-Seller After Court Asks For Actual Evidence – Zero Hedge

National Conservatism Conference Is Trying To Create An Intellectual Strain Of Trumpism – Buzzfeednews

Trump’s arch-hawk lured Britain into a dangerous trap to punish Iran – The Guardian

‘Looking to Break Status Quo,’ Iran Seizes UK Tanker – Defense One

Millions of Barrels of Iranian Oil Are Piled Up in China’s Ports – Yahoo News

Amid Dangerous Heat Wave, Hundreds of Thousands of Michigan Homes Are Without Power After Severe Storms – Time

John McAfee goes dark again, claims CIA in pursuit – Yahoo Finance

Hundreds of recruits got into the Army without passing a mandatory fitness test – Army Times

Military studying ‘hyperfit’ women who pass its toughest physical, mental courses – Fox News

Drink This Pineapple-Wheatgrass Shot for an Anti-Inflammatory Boost – EcoWatch

Warren Buffett Says This 1 Simple Habit Separates Successful People From Everyone Else – GetPocket