Home Technical Analysis Two Winning Trade Setups – GDXJ and ROKU – Chris Vermeulen (02/05/2019)

Two Winning Trade Setups – GDXJ and ROKU – Chris Vermeulen (02/05/2019)

We are not always correct in our calls about the market.  Professional researchers and analysts must understand that attempting to accurately predict the future outcome of any commodity, stock, index or ETF is impossible to be 100% accurate.  Yet, we are pleased that our proprietary price modeling and analysis tools continue to provide us with very clear triggers and alert us to price moves before they happen.

Today, we are sharing two recent trades we executed with our members that resulted in some decent profits.  The first example is our GDXJ trade.  We had been in a Long position since before the beginning of 2019 expecting Gold and Miners to rally.  Our price modeling systems suggested that after price reached $1300, we may experience a brief price pause over the next 45 days or so.  Thus, we pulled the profits in this trade recently to lock in 10.5% profit and to allow us to re-enter when our modeling systems suggest the price pullback has ended.

The second example is our ROKU trade.  We recently pulled 8.1% profit on a partial profit target execution for our members after a nice upside momentum move.  This type of trade falls into our MRM (Momentum Reversal Method) trade trigger category and is supported by a momentum resurgence price move that can typically prompt prices to move +8~30% over fairly quick periods of time (under 20 days).

For almost all traders, we’ve found that understanding general market conditions, finding suitable trading triggers/setups and staying aware of the market dynamics at play in the global markets is very hard to accomplish.  This is why we offer our members a very quick and easy way for them to accomplish all of these essential components for success with their membership to Technical Traders Ltd. Wealth Trading Newsletter.

– Our Daily Market Video, which is typically under 10 minutes in length, covers all of the major markets, most commodities, the US Dollar, Bitcoin and many other elements of the markets.

– Combine this video content with our detailed market research posts, which you can read by visiting www.TheTechnicalTraders.com/FreeResearch/, allows our members to not only learn from our video content but also to begin to understand and formulate their own conclusions based on our content.

– Lastly, we add our trading trigger/alerts feature to alert our members to superior trading setups that we find while running our proprietary trading models.  We don’t post 40 trades a day hoping our members will find one or two they can make profits from.  We are highly selective in our posts and attempt to only post the best opportunities for success.

Over the past couple of months, we have been developing a new members area application. It will allow you to have live access to our morning spike and gap trades and traders chatroom, our Sp500 index momentum, and swing trades, plus our special MRM (Momentum Reversal Method) stock picks on small/mid-cap stocks which also all trade options so if you want to you can trade options on your own around our stock trades.

Last week we made huge progress and this week’s goals are to implement the instant and automated SMS and email alerts sent to you every time there is a new trade, stop, target hit, or we close a position. This will give you more time to see and execute the trades as needed. Keep in mind most swing trades can be entered 1-3 days after the trade alert at the same price or better price simply because we are not that perfect at timing the markets every move.

If you take a minute to review these example REAL TRADES (above) and review the information at www.TheTechnicalTraders.com, we believe you will understand the value and resources we offer our members.  Isn’t it time you found the right team of professionals to help you make 2019 an incredibly successful year?

Chris Vermeulen