Watch This Fund Manager Cry Over His Wipeout Losses In Natural Gas – Full apology video – Mike Swanson (11/21/2018)

Many fund managers are now blowing themselves out and losing their clients’ money in this market.  It’s not only the masses suffering, but the pros who refuse to adapt to changing market trends who are too.

Apparently this gentleman was shorting calls in natural gas.

Ironically inside Robinhood the 100 most owned positions include ONE single short ETF position.

It is a 3X short natural gas ETF.

Do not laugh at this man – bear markets destroy people who refuse to adapt to them and this one is only just beginning.

I did a live video session yesterday of my own explaining the reasons WHY I  believe we are now in a bear market.

It is a video not about predictions, but about what is happening.  So you can see what I see and judge for yourself.

Watch it here:

Special Live Trading Session – Where Is This Stock Market Going Now? – Mike Swanson (11/20/2018)




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