Special Live Trading Session – Where Is This Stock Market Going Now? – Mike Swanson (11/20/2018)

Come to this page at 10:00 AM EST today on Tuesday for the live trading video session update.  A recording will be made available on this page if you cannot make it live.

In this video I’m going to give an update on my seven position stock trading portfolio.

We’re going to look at recent stocks that have fallen and new leaders to get an idea of what is happening with the US stock market.

I believe big things are actually happening in the stock market now even though most people really don’t seem to have a worry in the world about it with predictions remaining for a big end of the year rally as the consensus.

This week I’m running a special Thanksgiving special to get you into my live trading service for only $7.97.

This offer ends on cyber Monday so to take advantage of it go click here now.


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