Ochelli Effect – Quigley’s Warning On Civilization Devolution – Mike Swanson (10/09/2018)

I’m going to be live tonight on The Ochelli Effect at 8:00 PM EST.  To listen go here.

Notes before the show:

Started a new Youtube interview show – The Past American Century.

Covert ops – Gulf of Tonkin Incident….


Nikki Haley flips the script on Trump – The United Nations ambassador managed to resign on her own terms and get a glowing sendoff from the president along the way – Politico

“Early in the administration, Haley took on an outsized public role for a U.N. ambassador because then Secretary of State Rex Tillerson largely avoided the press. That role has diminished under Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who has a strong relationship with the news media and is a strong advocate on the president’s behalf. There was a sense among her allies that could not move up in the administration – so she decided to bow out, though the president said Tuesday he hopes she will return to the administration in a different post.”

Bob Woodward – Fear Trump In The White House

Carroll Quigley – The Evolution of Civilizations

Quigley’s fear….

The Suffocation of Democracy – Chris Browning – NY Books







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