Home Daily News Headline Monday Morning’s Top Stories Before The Opening Bell – Mike Swanson (06/25/2018)

Monday Morning’s Top Stories Before The Opening Bell – Mike Swanson (06/25/2018)

China, Europe Warn Trade War Could Trigger Global Recession – Bloomberg

Bitcoin Prices Continue To Decline, Hitting Fresh 2018 Low – Forbes

General Electric Expulsion From Dow Symbolizes Unsettled Week in Markets – The Street

Trump Says Democrats Want Immigrants to ‘Infest’ the U.S. – The Atlantic

Donald Trump Complains Evangelicals Appreciate Jerusalem Embassy Move More Than Jews – Newsweek

Trump says illegal immigrants should be deported with ‘no judges or court cases’ – Reuters

Trump’s winning, cynical plan – Axios

The strategic blunder of ‘Trump-as-Hitler’ – The Hill

7 Tips on how to rank videos in Google and YouTube for video SEO – Technofication

‘Parts Unknown’ ends with Anthony Bourdain in a country all about ‘happiness’ – Yahoo Entertainment

Glenn Beck walks out of tense CNN interview before Brian Stelter asks why his company was ‘imploding’ – Fox News

An unusual divergence in commodities is hiding signs of a global slowdown, economist says – CNBC

Elon Musk hints at what his ‘Cyborg Dragon Tesla’ is actually going to be – Electrek

What A Potential 2020 Recession Could Mean For Millennial Parents – Forbes

As Shield Against Trade War, This Tiny Asian Nation Hoards Gold – NDTV

Visualizing the Longest Bull Markets of the Modern Era – Equities.com

There’s a Retirement Crisis Brewing in the U.S. and it Could End Badly – Lombardi Letter

Increased threat of a trade war is ramping up fears of a ‘full-blown recession’ – CNBC

EU to respond to any U.S. auto tariff move: report – Reuters

Chinese leaders ‘absolutely confused’ by Trump’s demands on trade – Politico

Crypto Man John McAfee Vows Revenge On “Enemies” Who “Tried To Poison Me” – Zero Hedge