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How This Pattern Changed My Life...
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It may not be a coincidence that you have come to this page right now, because the day that I discovered the Two Fold Formula changed my life.  Even though the first time I used this trading pattern was way back in 1999 I still use it today, because it is still the single best trading pattern that I know of and I can’t count how many that I have gone through.

And even though I first used it with stocks it can be used with anything that you can make a technical chart out of including exchange traded funds, bonds, commodities and futures.  If you can plot out the price on a chart you can use it.

This ebook is devoted to arming you with this one single price pattern setup.  I know that there are thousands of books out there about analyzing the markets and I know that trading can seem confusing, but when you focus on one single thing that is the best of the best then everything becomes much clearer.

Now most people when they start trading watch something move and try to guess a bottom or see it go up a lot and then buy thinking it will go up more.  They are really chasing price action and it turns into a big mess.

Then they try to fix that with the charts.  Sometimes they’ll put technical indicators on a chart and try to put more and more of them on their charts to try to find some perfect combination of them that can be used to predict price action.  But then they simply get more confused as they enter indicator overload.  I was once confused in the markets.  And then one day everything changed for me.

The big secret of the hedge funds, money managers, and market operators is that they find one thing that works and stick with it.  They are confident and calm when they put on a new position, because they aren’t just hoping when they make a trade.   They have a good idea what is going to happen. That’s the difference between an amateur in the markets and a real professional and my Two Fold Formula book can help get you there today.

Let me tell you my story.

My name is Michael Swanson and I first started to trade in the 1990’s when I put $15,000 into a new brokerage account.  I didn’t know what I was doing and I put all of that money into one single stock.  Don’t ever do that, but I was lucky and fortunate, because it doubled in less than a month.  For me at the time that was a massive gain.  In fact up to then I never made that much before working in an entire year and so I instantly got hooked on trading.

But I didn’t know what I was doing and I just chased stocks and almost lost my entire account in just months.  I got to the point where I only had $7,000 left in it and I had to do something.  I admitted to myself that I was really chasing the moves and that I needed to do something real.

I needed to go from gambling bets to more certain setups.  I had to find a price pattern setup in the markets that would work and would repeat as much as possible.  I knew what the best pattern had to do.  It had to lead to the largest amount of gains in the quickest amount of time with the least amount of risk.

Now nothing is guaranteed 100% of the time so you always have to control your risks and position sizes.  I learned that much, but I still needed the answer.  It was the only way I could win and so I chose to do the work necessary to give me the edge I needed.

And so over a period of weeks every day for hours and hours I looked back at all of the trades I did and the ones I just watched and didn’t do too and found one single chart pattern that worked the best out of all of them.  And I started to use it and I turned my account around and it went up to heights I never could have believed in a short amount of time.

Within a few years starting in the year 2003 I was co-managing a hedge fund with several million dollars in it.  And I did that for three years and during that time we beat the markets to the point where we were ranked among the top forty out of thousands of hedge funds by

I didn’t really like managing other people’s money and so I got out with a bundle.  I enjoy writing and that’s my passion and still use The Two Fold Formula to make everything possible.

So today I share my thoughts on the markets on my website

And this is why I published my Two Fold Formula book for you.


When you grab The Two Fold Formula you will arm yourself with the single best trading pattern that I know of.  In the book I not only show you the pattern, but explain why it works with examples to use from.  Then you can simply look through the financial markets (or your favorite group to trade) for identical setups.  It’s as simple as that.

When you trade the markets you must think about them in terms of risk to reward and The Two Fold Formula will help you do that to the maximum.  Success in the markets is about having rules combined with a setup that you stick with time and again, but to do that you need to use one single pattern that you can bank on.

This book is not for sale anywhere.

This is the only place to get it and that means that it’s not on Amazon or Barnes and Noble or any other website.

This is it and even though as the disclaimers always say past results do not necessarily equal future results and nothing can be guaranteed the only way it can have any possible impact on your trading at all is if you grab it.

How much does it cost?

It costs you nothing to get it.

Yes - it is totally free.

I know you may have seen financial offers in which they tell you that the book is “free” and then when you go to buy it you find out you have to take all of these surprise upsells to get anything.

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