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"Mike has some great strategic views of trading stock. This book has helped me more than anything else I've read, because of his simple strategies and views. No one can tell you how to trade, but Mike really cares in making you stock savvy so you do not make stupid moves. Technically, no one can predict whats going to happen but you can have a good strategy and thats what Mike gives you...-jj" - one of 300+ reviews.

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Here's what you can expect to learn in this book

This book is designed to be a fast read that you can finish in one sitting.

After you grab this book and read it among the things you will learn are:

THE  SINGLE BEST STOCK PATTERN MIKE SWANSON HAS EVER USED - The best traders and investors are one trick ponies who develop a method or trading strategy that they use over and over again to profit in the market. Instead of flooding you with hundreds of different technical analysis indicators Swanson cuts to the chase and hands you the most profitable stock pattern that he has used again and again over the years.

HOW BEST TO LOOK FOR TOMORROW'S BIG WINNERS TODAY - Imagine what would it be like to be able to find the next Apple or the next world changing stock market sector? Learn how to break the stock market down in investment sub sectors and be able to identify when one of them is positioning itself to begin a new bull market of its own and become the next big thing everyone is talking about a year from now.

UNDERSTAND INVESTMENT CROWD PSYCHOLOGY - Individual investors play in the stock market and tend to buy high and sell low while hedge funds and professional investors are now dominating the exchanges with computer programs and short-term trading. As an individual investor Swanson shares his knowledge of what really moves professional investors to help you understand how to navigate today's stock market and play like a shark and not swim like a minnow.

AIM TO TRADE DURING BEAR MARKETS THROUGH SHORT SELLING - Swanson made money in the 2008 stock market crash by recognizing it was coming ahead of time and then betting against the stock market. After you read this book you will know what type of storm clouds come before big bear markets and how to short sell stocks the right way if you want to try to profit from them.

BUY A STOCK USING THE TWO-FOLD FORMULA - Price patterns and technical analysis are key in stock trading entry and exit points, but fundamental analysis using valuation metrics are key to evaluating he true investment potential in a stock. These simple valuation metrics will enable you to do this at a quick glance.

THIS IS THE BOOK MANY CONSIDER TO BE IDEAL FOR BOTH NEWBIES AND EXPERTS - To quickly tell you why many people consider this to be an important book there are many stock market and stock trading investment books that describe different aspects of technical and fundamental analysis. This one puts them together and shows you have to really use them in a strategic way backed by real life experiences and examples. It also discusses the psychology of investors in the market and how hedge funds and institutional investors now influence the stock market more than ever before and what you must do in this type of market to succeed. It is a practical and refreshingly compact guide.