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The Best Stocks to Buy Now

Finding Stocks to Buy Now

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I’ve been trading and investing in the stock market now since before 1999 and I’ve seen just about everything. I ran a hedge fund a decade ago and now I operate a high dollar elite mastermind group for institutional level investors.
But people know what I do and the question I am always asked by someone is what is a good stock to buy now.
I’ve made a lot of money in the stock market so people assume I do it by knowing what to buy and therefore they think I must have the perfect pick for them right now.
Yes, I do have some ideas. But I have to tell you first that before you buy a stock you must have a plan to control your risk. You can’t just buy one stock and expect to get rich. You need more than one.
How many stocks should you own?
The answer is more than ten.
I normally own at least thirty. Now that may be too many for you to keep track of, but if you aren’t going to spread out in a lot of stocks than you should use stop loss orders to control the risk in your account. If your brokerage account consists of just a few stocks than your positions are likely so big that if anyone one of them went down hard it would really mess you up. You do not need to put yourself in such a situation when there are so many good individual stocks you can invest in.
And of course you aren’t going to get anywhere unless you have a brokerage account and know how to buy stocks by putting in an order.
You are landing on this website and I have no idea where you are at. You might be someone chasing penny stock on the OTC bulletin board after reading a flyer you got in the mail.
Or you might be someone who wants to do some serious investing by looking for stocks that are at low valuations and have big upside potential, because of that. That’s what I do and recommend you either figure out how to find stocks like that yourself or find a stock picking service that does it for you. I’m talking about a service that finds real quality picks with a system that makes sense to you and doesn’t just give you hype.

Buy Only the Best Stocks

What you need to do is only invest in the best stocks. There are thousands of stocks out there and plenty of stories to sell you on this or that one. Yes, boiler rooms still exist, and there are many Wall Street analysts on the take.
They prey on people who do not know anything about investing. I want you to understand that if you want to buy only the best you must have some criteria that helps you narrow down the stock market so you are only playing the stocks that truly make sense and give you the most bang for the buck from a risk to reward standpoint.
I always want to risk one dollar to try to make at least three dollars. If I cannot do that then I’m not playing and that’s the attitude you should have.
If someone tries to sell you on some stock idea without showing you how you can really do that then tell him to get lost. And when I mean show you I mean explain to how to you from a valuation stand-point how it makes sense to expect this investment to reward you at the price you are getting in now.
Do not chase stocks!
If you know what you are doing you won’t.
I have developed a system for picking stocks that I’ve been using now for over ten years. It’s called the Two Fold Formula, because it combines valuation ratios with some simple technical analysis setups.
I look for stocks that have low PEG ratios – this means they are priced at a low valuation and have big growth expectations going forward. I buy growth stocks at cheap prices and not just buy into some growth stock and hope others will buy after me.
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I also look for stocks that have a specific chart pattern that I’ve found to be the most profitable. To get the full details take a free membership to this website. Then I’ll send you my Two Fold Formula that will help you find the best stocks to buy for yourself via email into your inbox. I’ll also give you some specific buy ideas.
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