US-Chinese Security Tensions Create A Huge Opportunity For ‘Made In The USA’ Tech - Tim Bellamy

The Number One Security Stock For 2020

In a period dominated by security threats, espionage concerns recently drove the U.S. Interior Department to ban government use of Chinese-made drones. Alongside SG, this situation may offer the biggest 'Made In the USA' technology opportunity in decades.

Certainly, these actions created a first-mover advantage for one company - Plymouth Rock Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: PLRTF, CSE: PRT) - which was already launching its American-made drones to public safety departments and three-letter agencies across the country.

We offer a glimpse Into the situation as companies scramble to find alternative Input sources for the drones they sell to federal, state, and local governments.

It's hard to imagine that relations between the U.S. and China could be more strained. After prolonged trade wars, the countries are now locked in a battle over responsibility for the coronavirus pandemic.

That battle, coupled with China's long history of appropriating U.S. intellectual property, has created an environment where the U.S. government is refusing to use Chinese-made technology for security.

The situation came to a head this January when the U.S. Interior Department grounded drones with Chinese components for U.S. government purposes and banned their further adoption.

Into this fray, a single U.S. company has been able to forward an immediate solution: Plymouth Rock Technologies had already been working on ‘Made in the U.S.A’ drones with all parts sourced from US/NATO partners. Between its Xl and XV drones, it has two products it can sell to three-letter agencies and state and local public safety departments who need to look for non-China-sourced products.

Plymouth Rock has other interests too; the millimeter-wave technology it's deploying on its drones is also being  applied  in a  shoe-scanner  prototype designed to streamline airport and government building security and to prevent  intellectual property theft.

Plymouth Rock Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: PLRTF, CSE: PRT) was formed by a team with a long heritage of world-first  achievements going  back to 1997. The company's engineers and scientists are now addressing real-world problems by applying the latest innovations from science and engineering to create technologies that help keep people and places safe - on land, at sea, in the air, and in space (1).

A Drone Force That Can Address Public Safety, Anti-Terrorism, and Act As All-Around Workhorses

PRT is reimagining detection technologies and taking the ability to detect these threats to the street and from the air. This capability doesn't stop at terror weapons - the sensors and technologies that are being created by this company have uses across civil and military operation s with the purpose of preserving life(4), and into public safety and day-to-day operational concerns serving a wide range of industries.

Plymouth Rock products, both airborne and land-based, will scan for threat items at more significant "stand-off' distances than current existing technologies. Unique radar imaging and signal processing technology creates new opportunities for remotely operated, nonintrusive screening of crowds in real-time.

From a practical standpoint, Plymouth Rock's drone force hits the sweet spot between low-cost utility and complex, military-grade use.

Their rugged design, payload capacity (as much as five times that of competitors) and relative affordability should make them a go-to product for federal, state, and local governments and private companies that must now abandon their China-sourced drones and find a U.S-based alternative.

Plymouth Rock Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: PLRTF, CSE: PRT) Line Up :

PRT X1 - Coaxial Multirotor UAS

The PRT X1 can operate both as a free-operating drone and on a tether, and it is fully adverse-weather capable.

The PRT X1 was designed with the direct input of law enforcement, intelligence agencies, military, and rescue services to address the global requirement for a multi-role. state-of-the-art aerial platform (6).

Built to redefine UAS standards, the X1is comprised entirely of NATO-coalition sourced components, the PRT X1 Multirotor UAS will enable airborne visual weapon and object detection, facial recognition, with thermal and ultra-high-resolution capabilities. Combined with intuitive point and click flight planning and automatic anti-collision systems managed by artificial intelligence, the X1 allows the remote operator to concentrate on the mission at hand.

PRT’s X1 will enable airborne visual weapon and object detection, facial recognition, with thermal and ultra-high-resolution capabilities it can operate in winds up to 45mph, in the rain and cold weather and at night.

Uses for the X1 include:

  • Anti-terrorism: The X1 was designed to help deploy a US-sourced radiometric thermal imaging camera that can detect large weapons and bombs in crowds.
  • Wildfire fighting: The X1's camera, combined with its power and range, give wildfire fighters the ability to identify key hotspots within major fires.
  • Border patrol: The X1 can be mounted with a ground-penetrating radar that can detect illegal Immigration tunnels and buried stashes of drugs.
  • Threat mitigation: The X1 has the power to carry no-recoil ‘moderators’ that can neutralize bombs from the air and help ships ward off pirate attacks.
  • Infrastructure inspect ion: With full autonomous and "beyond visual line of sight"(BVLOSJ capability, the X1 can be used for infrastructure and agricultural assessments as well.

PRT XV - Fixed-wing, Long-range UAS

The PRT XV is a fixed wing, long-range, unmanned aircraft system

The PRT XV was developed to serve the needs of law enforcement, government agencies and operational U.S. military fulfilling a long unmet requirement for a long-range, fixed-wing UAS with VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing) capability (8).

These agencies don't want to add complicated half-tonne launch catapults and/or complicated capture lines. They require a UAS that is capable to be airborne and land on a 60 sq. ft. patch of real estate from land or a naval vessel with the ability to be deployed from a standard pick-up truck or a small marine vessel storage area.

Because the XV can launch from an area as small as eight square meters, it doesn't require a large runway to deploy into the field and with a massive 25-kilogram payload capacity, it dramatically outperforms the 4-kilogram capacity that is typical of similar platforms.

Like the X1, the XV is U.5.-built with parts sourced from the U.S. and NATO partners.

In Q4 2020, the first production XVs will de liver long-range surveillance capability. Using thermal and ultra-high-resolution sensors, combined with intuitive point-and-click flight planning and automatic anti-collision systems managed by artificial intelligence will allow operators to concentrate on the mission at hand.

Another big plus: the XV’s hybrid propulsion system allows law enforcement and public safety agencies to operate the drone for up to seven hours, making it a cost-effective supplement to helicopter-based surveillance.

This overall capability can greatly enhance the range and operational capabilities of law enforcement. intelligence agencies, military, and rescue services.


The PRT Shoe Scanner (SS1} is a floor-mounted 30 imaging system that uses harmless millimeter­ wave (MMW} imaging techniques to inspect footwear to determine if it has been altered or is being used to transport concealed items, such as weaponry, substances, compounds or electronic items (7). Similar to the full-body scanners at airports, which also use harmless millimeter waves, the PRT SS1 will be looking for concealed threats.

It has been recognized by the U.S. Department for Homeland Security that utilizing millimeter-wave (MMW} technology for screening shoes will soon become an integral part of their 'Apex Screening at Speed' (SaS) Program. The program, which started in 2016,is pursuing transformative research and development activities that support a future vision for increasing security effectiveness, while dramatically reducing wait times and improving the passenger experience. The 5S1 can be used at security and identification checkpoints to eliminate the need for footwear removal, streamlining the security screening process, and reducing bottlenecks. In both public and corporate use cases, the 5S1, floor - mounted  shoe scanning system can process up to 20 persons per minute and detect both metallic and non-metallic threats.

PRT is currently talking to some of the biggest names in security to accelerate the development and deployment of shoe scanning.

Addressing Large, Rapid Growth Markets

The sectors where PRT has decided to stake its claim are very large and rapidly growing tech categories. Two segments that illustrate the size and rapid growth are the global airport automated security market and the standoff and concealed weapons segments.

The airport automated security market was valued at $8.2 billion in 2014 and is projected to reach $12.8 billion and then $16billionby 2024. That's a doubling in just 1O years' time. The standoff and concealed weapons market is valued at $8.4billion from 2015-2022with a compound annual growth rate of 47%.

These are just two of the massive, rapid growth areas that PRTs technology addresses.

Plymouth Rock Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: PLRTF, CSE: PRT) Strategic Partners and Clients that Read Like a Who's Who of Security Technology

Along with being accepted as a member of the USA National Safe Skies Alliance, Inc. ("Safe Skies"}( April 9, 2019) (10) and as a member of the CADSI, The Canadian Association of Defense and Security Industries. ("CADSI"} (April 25, 2019 ) (11 }, PRT’s alliances and strategic partners read like a who's who in the aerospace and security imaging industries.

In February 2020, PRT also became a supplier for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory UPL) and The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). These components are applied to various scientific projects which will lead to future orders once the instruments have been proven to work to the specifications.


Management is Critical in the Security Technology Game

In the security and technology space, management is everything. It follows that even start-ups and young companies that want to compete need the experience and pedigree to join the elite groups that can validate their technology. PRT has an exceptional management and technology group that Includes:

Dana Wheeler, CEO (Co-Founder): Wheeler has more than 35 years of experience in RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave technologies. His past positions running tech startups that have interacted with government agencies and given him a deep understanding of military-grade product specs.

Douglas Smith, Chairman, and Director: A recent addition to the Plymouth Rock team, Smith is a former Assistant Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security. His background gives the company an extensive Rolodex to build on, one that will open doors as the company continues to target three-letter federal agencies and state and local public safety departments.

Carl Cagliarini , Chief Strategy Officer - (Co-Founder): Cagliarini worked with Wheeler at Radio Physics and has helped develop and deploy photonics technology solutions that have been employed by past World Cups and Olympic Games.

Professor Stuart Harmer, DPHIL.,BSC. (HON S), FIN STP. Scientific Advisor: Professor Harmer is the Inaugural Head of Engineering & Applied Design at Chichester University and has invented and developed weapon and threat-detection systems in the microwave and millimeter -wave spectral bands throughout his career.

Technology That's In Dire Need, Right Now

Unpredictable times lead to fear and as we have seen of late, real panic. That's when things become dangerous and uncertain. So, while there are plenty of technology companies developing products and forwarding gadgets, many of those are frivolous – virtually disposable. PRT is focused on something in dire need right now, and that we will certainly need even more of in the immediate future.

Plymouth Rock Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: PLRTF, CSE: PRT)  presents an extraordinary opportunity in the air, on land, in space, at sea, and everyday essential security. The products are perfectly timed, with enormous market potential coupled with additional technology announced this year (12).

Thanks to the "Made in the U.SA" label it can attach to its key products, the company is hard at work meeting with government and industry contacts to generate orders for its drones and shoe-scanner technologies.

With a technical team that has over 100 years of combined industry experience and knowledge, this company promises to have a serious impact on the rapid growth security market. The threat detection systems market is expected to reach $84 billion by 2022, and PRT has multiple commercial products expected to hit the market in 2021, as well as cutting-edge patented(or patent-pending) intellectual property. Moreover, they offer private-labeling opportunities on the Shoe Scanner and X1/MiRIAD Multi-Sensor Drone technology.

Given the current U.5.-China climate, ‘Made in the U.S.A’ has the potential to be a deal-maker. And in the category of compelling companies on that trend, Plymouth Rock Technologies is way out in front.

5 Reasons to Consider Plymouth Rock Technologies (OTCQB: PLRTF, CSE: PRT) Right Now:

  • U.S.-China Tensions have catapulted 'Made In USA' technology to a new level In the drone and security space.
  • The threat detection systems market is expected to reach $84 billion by 2022.
  • PRTs technical team has over 100 years of combined industry experience and knowledge fortified by leaders with deep governmental and industry connections.
  • Multiple cutting edge patented (or patent-pending) intellectual property commercial products expected to hit the market in 2020.
  • Early-stage compared to others In the Industry, still value-priced against Its peers with an Impressive group of clients and strategic partners including NASA, Northrop Grumman, NIST.
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