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Clerk of Circuit Court Candidate Jarrett Stone Speaks At Pittsylvania County Candidate Forum Held On 9/11/2023

On Monday, the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce held a forum at Dan River High School for candidates running for the Clerk of Circuit Court position and also the two people running against each other for the Supervisor seat in the Dan River District. Jarrett Stone, who is running for Clerk of Circuit Court, spoke at around the 22 minute mark of the video that the chamber posted on to Facebook. The forum’s main sponsor was the Chatham Star-Tribune.

The candidates all had three minutes to make remarks at the forum. Stone talked about his experience working as a deputy sheriff for twenty years, over fifteen of which was in a supervisory position, making him the only clerk candidate who has held a management/supervision position. He also has gone door to door more than any other individual candidate in the entire county so far in this election season.

Five other clerk candidates, including Angie Harris, Heidi Jones, Jennifer Wyatt, and Karen Dixon, also spoke at the forum.

At the start of the video Nancy Eanes and Eddie Hite, who are vying for the Dan River supervisor seat, spoke. You can watch the beginning to compare and contrast the two for yourself. The chamber is holding more forums like this throughout the county. The next one will be held at Gretna High School on September 18, 2023.

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