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If you only watch one investing video today, this is the one! – Chris Vermeulen

It was another amazing day for educated traders and investors who “get” the markets. The Fed didn’t do much to the market today other than a 40-minute dip and recovery in price. Yet, so many people get all caught up in the news and the Fed, and for no reason. News is unpredictable, so who really cares, I sure don’t when it comes to investing and making money.

The market’s movements are nothing more than investors’ moods and emotions. Most investors put their money where their emotions are (it’s wrong, but they do), and they drive the markets up and down like a temper tantrum child. If you feel like you’re missing out on gains, you jump into trades, and you hold onto losing trades, then you should take this personality test.

Many investors are frustrated with the Nasdaq screaming higher while the other indexes struggle and move lower. For example, the IWM small cap index sold off, and the chart looks Ugly!

Tonight I posted a video for my premium members, and after I was finished, I wanted to share it to help more people as it covers some of the more important aspects of trading and investing that most people will never figure out or master.

If you can watch from the beginning to the end without skipping any, it is possible, you might just see the light, the matrix of the markets as I do.

I hope you enjoyed the video and found it educational and insightful for what may happen next. No matter which way the market moves, we will be profiting from the trend, that is, the power of following price with technical analysis.

Happy investing, I’m here to help!

Chris Vermeulen