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Southside Investing Files To Rezone 614 Acres In Tunstall District Off Highway 58 For Mixed Use Residential Development Planned Community In Pittsylvania County

From a press release:



Pittsylvania County, Virginia – Southside Investing LLC is pleased to announce that it has filed a rezoning application with Pittsylvania County to allow for a transformative master planned community on 614 acres in the southwestern region of the County. The mixed-use community is proposed on 614.45 acres located just east of Martin Drive on the north side of Martinsville Highway (Route 58) within the Tunstall Election District. The location is ideally situated approximately 9 miles driving distance from the similarly transformative Southern Virginia Megasite at Berry Hill, VA and approximately 9 miles west of Danville, VA.

Southside Investing is requesting approval to launch the community under the County’s Residential Planned Unit Development District, which would allow for a compact, pedestrian- oriented, mixed-use development with a variety of housing types, as well as community serving commercial uses. The proposed community would be a multi-phase development that would likely build out over a decade plus timeframe and provide much needed housing and services for the residents of Pittsylvania County.

The project contemplates a mix of single-family homes, townhouses, apartments, a senior independent and assisted-living campus, hotel, day care center, community center and a retail shopping center anchored with a neighborhood grocery store. Additionally, by providing access to open space, recreational facilities, and convenient shopping, a critical goal for the community is achieved by making life as convenient as possible for all residents of western Pittsylvania County.

Master planned communities also encourage opportunities for socialization with your neighbors and can foster a tight-knit community, which can be especially beneficial for young families or retirees. Such developments are also a key planning tool widely and successfully used across the country to implement smart growth and preserve rural and agricultural areas.

Southside envisions building a multigenerational community that will assist Pittsylvania County in providing new opportunities for current and future residents, especially for younger generations who have had to often times look elsewhere in the past for viable job and housing options. Approval of the project will also assist the County and its partners in attracting businesses to the Megasite by providing housing and services for an enhanced labor force that will drive continued growth in the region.

“Southside Investing is committed to listening to the voices and needs of county residents, county officials and other stakeholders as it proceeds through the rezoning process in contemplation of fulfilling our vision for a live-work-play community. We have recognized the growing need for housing and the opportunity it presents for ensuring a well-balanced and growing economy for not only Pittsylvania County but also the surrounding region. It’s hard to attract job creators without the continued development of nice communities for folks to live in and which add to the area’s great quality of life and are also close to work,” notes Tom Gallagher, spokesman for Southside Investing.


Southside Investing, LLC will be holding several community outreach forums to present in greater detail its vision for the community consistent with smart growth planning principles and to answer questions from residents. Southside will be conducting a community outreach and informational event at 7:00 PM on Thursday, May 25th at the Brosville Volunteer Fire & Rescue Station located at 11912 Martinsville Highway. A second community event is scheduled for 7:00 PM on Thursday, June 1st at Faith Memorial Baptist Church located at 7450 Martinsville Highway. The dates and times of future additional outreach events regarding the proposed community will be released and publicized once timing and venues are confirmed.

Inquiries can be directed to: Southside Investing LLC Phone: (434) 830-0233